Tuesday, May 20, 2014


12 weeks left?
Can yall believe it?
I am freaking out more and more
every single day.
I don't think it helps that when people
find out how long I've been out go,
"Oh well you are going home soon aren't you?"
Yes, thank you for reminding me.
I am on an emotional rollercoaster
with coming home.
But you come home,
that's part of a mission.
I'm making myself more okay with it.
Maybe the wedding is helping me?
Something to look forward to I guess.
Oh, and seeing yall will be great too:)

The work is slow.
But we're working on it.
We have an investigator John.
I don't remember if I already told you about him.
He's in his 70's.
We taught him the first lesson and
asked him to pray if he knew it was true.
He said, "I can pray, but I already know it's true."
He's on date for June 7th!
We are really excited for that!

We are working with mid-single
women in the stake as well.
It's interesting.
But I like it.
We get to go to institute,
which is fun.
We did scripture Pictionary last week.
Four square this week.
Which we're excited for.

We did service on Saturday.
We moved dirt from the front yard
to the back yard and spread it out.
I was a pro wheel barrow pusher and shoveler.
Or so I thought.
My back has hurt for 2 days now.
So I think I did a little too much lifting
with my back and not my knees.

Church was great on Sunday.
I am hoping I remember people's names.
The ward seems really nice.
And there are really helpful people too!
Sister Isert has only been here a month.
So we feel like we're white washing somewhat.
It's been a great experience!

Sorry this isn't long.
Not a ton has happened since last week.
But we'll have things for you next week.
Oh, good news!
President told me I can go back to Coronado for baptisms!
So I will be headed back this week for Tanyon.
And for DeSean next week!!
The Lord loves me,
I knew it!

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

Not a lot this week...
1. A better view of the one of me and Sister Isert though!
2. Me, Sister Clark, and Lucas!
3. In my last apartment we had a picture that missionaries who had lived there signed. LOOK AT HOW MANY THERE ARE!

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