Monday, November 11, 2013

Sister Rasmussen tells me this is Week 37...

Hey family!!!
This week has been amazing!!
Sean got baptized on Saturday!
It was an interesting experience.
At other buildings I have been to,
it takes about an hour to fill up the font.
We get to this one,
And it says it takes 3 hours.
If you want it warm that its...
So we cranked up the cold water,
and Sean had a freezing baptism.
But hey, he got baptized.
And that's all that matters.
He is receiving the Priesthood this Sunday.
And they are working towards the temple!
They want me to come to their sealing.
So I am REALLY hoping I somehow get to that.
It'll be in Tennessee.
Pretty cool, right?
They are moving there Thanksgiving day.

The Willis' came to church again yesterday!
I think this time was more for us than them.
They came just to hear Sister Evans and I speak.
Which was good, but they need to come for them.
I think that we are going to start reading over talks
with them when we visit.
His letter may be coming soon.
Be sure to tell me when you get that.
It will be great.
I hear he has drawn you some pictures!

Oh we got HITTT!
Our car! HIT!
Last PDAY someone noticed once we got home.
They hit the driver's side.
Big dent.
So Julius will be heading into the shop soon.
We think anyways.

We got a new investigator named Gwen!
She is a YSA.
She committed to baptism on December 7th!
Happy Birthday Mom, we're having a baptism!
We are so excited for her.
She told us she wants to know that the Bible is true,
but she wants to know it from God.
Not from other people.
She's amazing and she has such great faith!

I know I say it all the time,
but being a missionary is the greatest!
This is by far the best decision I've ever made.
I love being able to see the gospel bless people's lives.
Just like it blessed Sean and Tatiana's lives.
So share the gospel with your friends!

I love y'all very much!
Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. At Sean's baptism. Marcus, Sean, Sister Evans, and me!
2. I got to see Sister Brown!!! I LOVE HER!
3. Our car! HIT!
4. Food for thought.
5. Sister Rasmussen told us she had never really had a birthday party. So we threw her one. She had a cookies and cream cake. And the most annoying candle I've ever heard. It played Happy Birthday. Don't ever buy musical candles from the dollar store.

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