Monday, November 18, 2013

18 Nov 2013

Hey Family!
How are things in good ole Kingsport?
Things are going pretty well here!
Pretty cold.
But pretty well.
We have been meeting with Gwen
more this week!
She asks all the right questions.
She is one of those people that
they promised would be prepared.
She's amazing.
We just dropped by last night to see her.
She was having a rough time.
So perfect timing!
And we got to talk to her a little
about the Plan of Salvation.
We can't wait to teach her the whole lesson.
Because we know she is going to eat it up.
Sean is progressing well after baptism!
He received the Priesthood yesterday!
We were able to be in there for it.
And it was AMAZING!
He has such a bright future ahead of him.
They leave for TN next week.
Which makes me a little nervous.
I want them to stay active.
So I know they need to get in
immediate contact with the ward there.
Because they will make it to the temple.
I will make sure of it.
And make it happen.
I love them so much!
I know that it will bless their lives SOOO much!
We set a date with Billy for Mom's birthday(Dec 7.)
But he works construction.
So he's going to be in the valley for a while.
So we are going to make sure the missionaries
start visiting with him down there.
He needs to have that contact with the missionaries,
so that he can keep progressing.
He's got the sincere interest!
So I am praying that he will start meeting with them.
Also I heard from my last area,
that a less active we were working with came to church!!
It is all so exciting to see the work progressing!
I've got to say missions are amazing.
And I know I say that every week.
But it is true more and more every week!
Transfer news comes this weekend.
We are pretty sure we're both staying here.
So if anything other than that news comes,
it'll be pretty crazy.
Because of transfers,
pday will be WEDNESDAY.
Don't freak out when the best email
you get all week isn't there until Wednesday.
I love yall!
Have a fantastic week!
You're the best!
Sister Hubmann
1. Dinner of champions.
2. Me and Elder Arizona going for a drive!
Not driving is really nice sometimes.
3. New TOMS!
4. Pretty sunset, right?

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