Saturday, November 2, 2013

28 October 2013

Hey Family!
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid this one will be short.
I got preoccupied with who knows what.
This emailing time always seems to fly by!
This week was great!
We made some great progress with some less actives.
One we always go to their house
and the husband never listens.
But this time he did!
He wasn't in the same room,
but when we said we were going to share a message he muted the TV.
And I know he was listening because
as soon as we were done he unmuted it.
He is progressing slowly.
But slowly is better than nothing!
The Willis' came to church again!!!
We were so excited.
I wanted to cry,
but I held it in!
I love them both so much.
And I think they are really trying.
We all go through things that are hard
and they've been through their fair share.
So I am SOOOO HAPPY that they are coming back!!!
We went on exchanges this week, which I loved.
Sister Sanchez is just the best.
So I love getting to serve with her.
She always helps me find ways
to become a better missionary.
And I will love her forever for that.
We got a new investigator this week!
His name is Billy.
He is friends with one of our Bishops.
He doesn't know a lot about the church,
but he's already been coming to church!
He comes with his son that lives in our ward.
So we are very excited to begin teaching him.
He doesn't live in our area,
so there are some complications there.
But I know he will get baptized no matter where he's taught.
He is one of those people the prophet promises that are prepared.
We had another major breakthrough with one of our Less actives!
We found out they've both been smoking.
And we are going to help them through a program
to help them stop smoking!
Everything in the mission world is great!
I love y'all more than anything!
Now get out there and share the gospel!
Much love,
Sister Hubmann
1. Me with my package!
2. Beautiful snowflake temple at night!(We cleaned the temple with one of our wards)
3. Petting a horse!
4. Just walking to a house at night, obviously prepared.
5. Taylor Farms. Pretty right?
6. You are my sunshine! Love you!

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