Sunday, July 13, 2014


Happy Fourth of July!!
It was a good week!
It was much cooler this week.
It's so sad when I say much cooler.
Because I mean between 98-103.
But either way,
it's really nice to have the cooler weather!
I am dreading the 120 that should be coming soon.

The 4th was good!
We had a cookout with some other missionaries.
That night we had dinner with a couple that is
less-active in our ward, but active in another...
It's complicated.
But it was good!
They made us STEAK.
I had to watch her to make
sure I was using the correct fork.
After that we helped her with family history.
And then went on the search for
people and fireworks.
Unfortunately, we didn't find much.
But we saw some from a distance!
I saw a lot this year.
More than my single firework I saw last year.

We had humidity this week!
It kept tricking us to think it would rain.
Dark clouds and lightning.
But never any rain.
We did get a haboob though!
Aka a sandstorm.
It was awesome!
Except the grittiness in my teeth.
We had to come in early though,
which was a bit of a bummer.

We had a ward fast for missionary work!
Only a couple people bore their testimony
about missionary work.
So we are hoping others remembered to fast for it.
We're hoping with this that the members will
find more people for us to teach.

Sister Isert and I came up with a funny analogy.
Sister Shrek told me I was like a 90 year old
in the mission--old, hates everyone(I don't, don't worry), etc.
So that is where it started.
At the end of your mission, you're 90.
And they take you to a home.
Where you stay for a bit.
Then die.
And go back to your makers.
Sounds a bit like life, right?
I told her the only way it would be better
would be if I trained her.
So it would be one of my children taking me to a home.

Missions really do change a person.
I don't think I ever thought I would change this much.
Or never want to leave.
I thought when my time came, I'd be okay to go.
I'm finding that's not as true as I thought originally.
I am working hard to the end.
On my planner I have a quote by Abraham Lincoln...
"I do the very best I know how;
the very best I can;
And I mean to keep doing so until the end.
If the end brings me out all right,
what is said against me won't amount to anything."
I'm kicking butt and taking names this last transfer!
Thanks for all the support yall give me
and continue to give me!

I love yall very much!
Sister Hubmann

1. In-N-Out for the first time ever!
2. The haboob! You can't really tell in the picture.
But it was pretty cool!
3. Sister Entin with a flag in her little poof of hair.
4. We're pretty classy people.

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