Wednesday, July 16, 2014

14 July 2014

Hello there!
This week has been good!
It's been slower, but good.

We are doing some exciting new things.
Riding the trolley to find.
Family History.
Working at a food bank!

I have been doing lots of Family History.
So Ma, if you find something wrong.....
feel free to correct it.
Indexing is good too.
But I'm trying to have to
Spirit of Elijah and stuff...

The food bank was probably
my favorite thing from this week.
We got to talk about the church so much.
Sister Isert had physical therapy at the
same time so Sister Entin and I went.
It was so fun.
We washed windows.
Swept the floor.
Prepared food boxes.
It was great.
Even when I accidentally ran Sister Entin
down with a cart.
I don't think she thought that was quite as great.
We'll be going once a week.
So that's really exciting!
I love doing it!

We also got to paint this week.
That was fun.
We painted all the baseboards
in this elderly sister's home.

It's so weird how much I love serving now.
I guess it isn't weird.
But it's a change.
I used to hate doing it.
I would like it once I got there,
but now I love even the thought of serving!
Unless it's dishes.
I somehow haven't gained that love yet.

We got a referral yesterday.
Her name is Rosie.
She is a mid-single sister,
so therefore she would be in our ward
since we're the magnet ward for that.
We are going to go to the visitor center
soon and watch JSPR with her.
Which is really exciting.
#1 I love that move.
#2 We'll have a new investigator
#3 I have friends that serve there still.

Life is great!
I am still loving serving.
It's been a great road.
And I will finish it hopefully being
a WAAAY better person than I was before.
I love yall!
Thank you for all the support you give me.

Have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Sister Entin and I painting.
2. And our zone on the fourth (just got it from another sister)

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