Saturday, June 28, 2014

40 days and 40 nights.

How is everyone doing?
Can you believe it's only 40 days?
Time goes by faster and faster.
And faster.
I don't like it.

This week was interesting.
Our investigator, Jim, has really been struggling.
Keep him in your prayers!
We had a really good lesson with him.
And then he's now fallen off the face of the planet.
He needs lots of prayers right now!!
We keep trying to get in contact with him.
Until that happens,
lots and lots of prayers are going up from us.

He's the referral we received.
We've been sending him scripture texts
until we can meet with him Saturday.
So hopefully he's liking those.
And hopefully I'll have something
great to say about that lesson on Monday!

They are a PMF.
We are hoping for good results there.
They used to always talk on the doorstep.
But now they feed us dinner!
They are a really awesome family!
I love them.
Loud, just like ours:)

Billy Johnston.
He's super nice.
We asked him to take the lessons.
And he was good at dodging our questions.
But we're going to keep after him.
It might not be until his wife passes away
that he joins the church.
She's not in the best condition.
But he takes such good care of her.
I hope I find someone(in a long time)
that will take as good of care of me
as he does her!
They've been married 61 years
and are adorable.

We've been through the whole area book.
And not much success there.
But we're working hard and hitting the pavement.
We're going to start tracting a bit this week.
Cross your fingers!
For success and us not dying of heat stroke!

Yesterday was the best worst day ever.
My last transfer meeting.
We were driving there,
following the other sisters because
their bike was sketchily put on their bike rack.
And it almost fell off....on the freeway.
But we got them pulled over in time.
Strapped it on a little better.
And proceeded forth.
We made it there alive and so did the bike!
I got to see all the people I love.
But it's so sad that I won't see lots of them
for a really long time and never as a missionary again.
It is so crazy how fast this time has flown!
But I am working hard until the end!
You can't stop me!

I love yall to the moon and back!
Have a great week!

Love you!
Sister Hubmann

I have so many....
I'll send just a few!

1. Fixing the bike.
2. Zone leaders. Thorne and Bumgarner!
3. My posterity! We're missing 2 sisters.
But aren't they adorable?
4. Sister Crandall, me, and the Holmes! They were with us when we were in Larkspur and when Sister Mayne and I were in Cave Creek.
5. Me and Sister Schrecengost!
6. Sister Crandall!
7. Sister Rudy!

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