Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hello there family!
I am glad yall are doing well.
Please send Aunt Amy my love.
There are so many things happening!
Kyle getting home.
Holly to the temple.
Our family, even with struggles,
is really being blessed right now.

My week here was great!!
Here are my updates.

I've been spelling his name wrong
the whole time....
It's not DeSean...
I got a message from Sister Moser.
It told me the best news.
It was on Saturday!
Unfortunately our battery decided to die.
So we had to get a new one.
By the time we got to the church,
he had already been baptized.
But I got to hear the talk on the Holy Ghost.
And I got to see him!
He looked SOO happy.
Sister Dianne got him church clothes too!
So he was looking pretty sharp!
Sister Moser said he's become much more confident.
And he is stuttering less.
I am so proud of him!
He's making a move to Colorado soon.
It was great to make that step before he leaves.

We taught him the Plan of Salvation.
It was really good!
We brought Brenna with us again.
He didn't come to church again.
We've got to figure out what's holding him back.
He's really dragging his feet on this one.

He just showed up at church a couple weeks ago.
But he wasn't wearing church clothes so he left.
He said he'd be back the next week.
We were really excited.
Then he didn't come.
It was disheartening.
But he came yesterday!!
He said he had to work the Sundays before.
We gave him a tour of the church.
Set up a time to come back.
We're seeing him tonight.

We just got a referral for him today!
We called him and his coworker.
His friend Randy referred him to meet with us.
And he agreed!
He's been doing the Joseph Smith thing.
So when Randy asked him to meet with us,
he said he was interested!
So we'll be meeting with him Saturday!

The Lord has blessed us so much this week.
We were able to do family mission plans
with members from the ward.
And will continue doing them.
It is getting them really excited about missionary work.
Bishop Gale even announced it from the pulpit!

I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary.
I love getting to help others and serve the Lord.

Funny thing:
We got our phone and car to sync
together with our fancy Bluetooth.
So we finally got it to work.
And named our phone "Sister Power."
Now every time we get in the car it says,
"Sister Power is connected."
Legit, right?

I hope yall have a great week!
Sister Hubmann

1. Dashaund and me after his baptism! Thank you to the sisters who crashed our picture.:)
2. Sister Power is connected.
3. I sold my bike to Sister Lords.
My last picture with Pearl!

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