Saturday, June 28, 2014

16 June 2014

Hey family!!!
The big 5-0!
I hope yall have a great one!
Transfers are your birthday.
So I won't get to write again before then.

This will be short since I got
a little bad.

We got to go to the temple this week!
That was such a major blessing.
I loved getting to go:)
I got to say goodbye to some
people just in case they don't
make it to transfers next week.
Nothing on transfers yet.
I think I'll be staying here,
but nothing is 100% until Saturday.
Sister Isert and I will probably be
together as well.

We have been making
family mission plans with
lots of families still.
So that's been a lot of my week.

We got a referral last monday.
And we contacted him,
which was exciting since he was
super willing to meet.
His name is Chris Avery.
Then we are at a lesson with Jim.
And who walks in?
None other than Chris Avery!!
We hadn't met him in person.
And we had no clue that they were friends.
It was the craziest thing 
that has happened in a while!

We had zone meeting on Wednesday.
They changed a lot of things up in the mission.
Lots of small things that will make us better!
It's going to be great!
We watched mormon messages.
Which I LOVE.
We watched Patterns of Light
by Elder Bednar.
It's so good.
If you haven't watched it,
take 10 minutes and watch all 3.

Oh and have you heard 
of Billy Johnston?
He's a pro-golfer.
Or was.
He gave me a painting he made!
I'll attach a picture of it.

I love yall!
Have a great week!
I'll talk you next pday!

Sister Hubmann

1. Best watermelon slice ever!
2. Sister Call after the temple.
3. 3 Feathers!
4. Sister Isert and me at the temple!
5. We had a hair straightening party. It was REALLY hot.
So Sister Isert fanned me. That's what I call a dedicated companion.

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