Tuesday, December 17, 2013

16 December 2013

Hey Family!
How are things going for you?
Things are pretty great here.
Well other than the cold.

We had a great week!
We met with Eli after like 3 months of not seeing him.
And he agreed to get baptized!
THIS Saturday!
He's getting baptized in Chino,
so we don't get to go.
But we are really excited for him!
I know how much it's going to bless his life.
It's so exciting!

We found out that....
is coming to visit us, Mesa, and Gilbert.
We get to meet with him for 2 hours!!!
Isn't that so awesome??
It'll be January 11th.
We're all pretty excited.

We were able to meet with the Byers this week.
Which was great!
He is so prepared.
So I am so excited we met him.
We met with him last week.
And his wife a different day too.
So we saw them twice last week.
And we're seeing them this week too!
We are going to extend the baptism invitation.
Because he is SOOO prepared.
It is so true that the Lord prepares his people.

We also set a date with the Ballards to go to the temple!
In 2015, but we are SOOO excited for them!
They are making great progress.
It'll be great when we can get them to church.
They are really struggling with that.
But they are stopping smoking,
so that's really good.

The Willis' are doing alright.
They both have health problems,
but we pray for them daily.
I love them so much.
I worry about Brother Willis with his health.
But the Lord knows what is best.
And he is going to get Brother Willis to the temple.
I just know it!!!

We got to go to the temple this week too!
It was SOOO great. 
I love going to the temple.
And it was so great to be able to
since we don't get to go very often.

We also had Zone Conference!
I love meetings with President.
He is such an amazing man.
I love them to death too!
I love people easier since I came on my mission I think.
Because I love everyone!

Sorry this is short.
But I don't have any more time left!

I love yall!
Keep the faith!
Sister Hubmann


1. A chair out of Soda. Pretty cool right?

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