Tuesday, March 26, 2013



Arizona is great. As you saw, I did get to see Holly--which was awesome. Someone came up to me and was like "Sister Hubmann I think you are going to have a visitor tonight because someone just called and asked if you were working. It was a female voice." So I freaked out and kept my eyes peeled. We got to talk for a bit and then watch the pageant together which was fun.

The working is going here. We have a woman progressing to baptism on April 20th. She's really excited to be baptized but she's not doing her reading. We are hoping to establish her with some friends within the ward tonight for FHE so that she will have that friend base when we can't come every Sunday. She just texted us and said she was in the hospital last night with heart pains and is out now but it hurts to breathe. So please pray for her. Satan is trying hard to stop her from meeting with us and we can see that almost every time we meet. Something almost always comes up.

I really love the work. I am quickly discovering that is is not at all what I thought it would be, but I love it. We are teaching a couple little boys who are about to be baptized--I think and hope. They are so cute and great. It's amazing how fast little children learn. Y'all will be happy to know that I haven't really had to bike at all last week. Because we are working pageant we have to get rides everywhere to maximize our time. It'll be the same for this week too. I bought a new bike since the other one was sketch. I have only had to ride it once since we've had lots of rides. It was so hard to ride it that night to. I legit was struggling so much. We were talking with some elders that live in our apartment complex and they came and looked at my bike. And why was it so hard to ride you may ask? Because the tires. Super flat. Like super super flat. Seriously. Come on Walmart pump up your tires before you sell your bikes to people. They lent me their pump today though. So when we get home later I will be pumping those bad boys up.

We had a really good experience at the Visitor Center this week. Well Sister Lewis did, so I'll tell you about it. I was showing the video "God's Plan For His Family" and I had to run out and get some referral cards. When I did I Sister Lewis was like "Hey you have an investigator in there." I was like "Oh yeah I know his name is Alex.(I had talked to his friend right before I started the movie.)" And she was like "Well I just promised him that if he watched this video and prayed with a sincere heart he would know this is true and his questions would be answered. So no pressure." I immediately start freaking out. Well in the video--spoiler alert--the Grandfather dies. And so here I am trying to bear my testimony pretty much balling my eyes out, praying to Heavenly Father that I am saying what this kid needs to hear, and I see him crying. Sister Lewis talked to him afterwards and he was interested and now is going to have the missionaries over to his house. Super exciting right? I think so. It's crazy the miracles I see happening here. And that is only one instance. People are excited to hear about Christ and you better bet your bottom dollar I am excited to tell them about him.

I am glad that the service for Papaw went well. Good to know that he was so loved that it was a full house. It is such a blessing to know of the Plan of Salvation. I know that it would be a lot harder to handle him being gone if I didn't have that knowledge. But I know him and Mamaw are up there together now. They're both so happy and I know it.

I love you all very much!
-Sista Hubmann

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