Thursday, March 21, 2013


Why hello there family!

How's Tennessee? As beautiful as ever I would assume. Things are wonderful here in Arizona. This is my first P-Day in Arizona! We started off cleaning the Visitors Center for the Easter Pageant coming up this week and next. Then did some personal study. And now here I am, writing you. I guess this email will be filled with all of the things you really wanted to know. So here it goes.

I am in East Mesa. My companion's name is Sister Lewis. She is from Salt Lake. She's been out for a while, so after she's done training me she's peacing out. She's really great and I'm already learning a lot from here. She's pretty much awesome. I am covering the 30th, 46th, and 76th wards. Everyone is super nice here. We had problems getting a hold of members to go to lessons and stuff with us because it was spring break this past week. But it's already looking better for this next week! I still haven't really gotten to unpack yet. I haven't had any time. But I think I will get to go that later today. I am in a biking area--I know parents that you hate that, but it will be okay. Sister Lewis is a super defensive biker, so I am too. I am getting my own bike today. I've been using a mission bike and it is sketch. The front wheel is making a noise that doesn't sound too good so I am glad I am getting rid of it. We live about 2 miles from our area, which sucks. But I am getting in shape. I can tell! How can I tell? Because of the pain I'm in hahaha. Totally worth it.

Oh. Hey! Our mission recently decided that we get an hour and a half to email each week. ANNNNNDDDD--drum roll.............................................I can email everyone! So make sure to put my email on my blog/facebook so people can email me. Also, Sis. Lewis told me that we get to skype on Mother's Day and Christmas--yay!

So you know how I wanted to work at the Visitors Center, but my call said 'sorry sista, you ain't doing that'? Well guess what! I am! This week and next we will be working at the VC. Sister Lewis is a VC Sister(that's what they call themselves) and they need her to come in and work the Easter Pageant. So what does that mean? That means Sister Hubmann comes with! I am really excited, yet really nervous at the same time. I have about an hour of training and everyone else has at least a week in the field. Oh well, the Lord will bless me. I know I will be inside during my shift. But I'm not sure what days I am working--So if a certain cousin who lives in Tempe would like to call the VC and ask then she totally should because I would LOVE to see her. I am really excited to be working it. We are getting a new art exhibit today that is supposed to be AMAZING. It's by Liz Lemon Swindle--Bekka, I always think of 30 Rock every time someone says her name. The Elder that's over the VC said that if you don't shed at least one tear, you don't have a heart. No pressure right? I better take a box of tissues just in case.

We had the coolest experience last night. We had just left an appointment and went back to a different area to where we had parked out bikes, when we saw a man. We just said hi since he was going somewhere with his dog. He came back in just a minute and we still hadn't left. So we stopped and talked to him. We asked him if he had been to the Easter Pageant and he said no. We asked if he had ever talked to missionaries before and he hadn't. So we asked him if he believed in Christ, he said no--he was Jewish. But we asked if he would like to hear our message sometime. And what did he say? HE SAID YES. So fingers crossed something happens there. It was so exciting and I was singing and dancing all the way home haha. We have a lady named Lisa set up for baptism on the 20th. We brought her to the VC to watch the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie. She really liked it. She hated the part when he was in the Sacred Grove and Satan was trying to get him to not pray. But that was because the other day right before our lesson, she didn't see us. And she felt a force pushing her back to her car, and she knew that it was the same thing that had happened to him. I thought it was awesome she was able to recognize that. She was supposed to come to church, but didn't get to. So hopefully she will be able to come next week.

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