Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Sorry I am just getting Kelsey's letters on her blog.  I talked with her today and she is very excited to head to Arizona.

Hey family!!
I am sorry I didn't tell you when my pday was before. I didn't know. We didn't actually have our schedules here for the first 4 days. It was really annoying. Oh well. We have them now! I actually never got that dear elder letter about papaw! My district leader just checked the mail and there wasn't anything for me. I'm not sure why I haven't gotten that yet. What happened? Please Dear Elder me again with the details of that and how he's doing. I actually only get one pday here. So I'm not sure if I get one next week. We head out next Tuesday bright and early--5 am!

Staying with the McArthurs was so much fun. They are really good people. I am grateful they let me stay with them. It was really great getting to see everyone again before I reported in. BABY DAXTON IS SO ADORABLE. I love him and can't wait to get pictures of him growing up!(Hint hint Marta & Joel.) Are y'all sending my family pictures to the mission home? I want them! So just let me know :) Thank you so much Aunt Kathy for the package! Everyone in my zone loved it. I shared the cookies because I'm already gaining weight!

The MTC is great! The Spirit is here very strongly just like everyone says. I like it here a lot--but I'm pretty sure I'd go nut crazy if I was here for more than my 2 weeks. My companion, Sister Esmond, and I get along really well. She reminds me a lot of Bekka. There are 12 people in my district. 6 elders and 6 sisters. All of us but 3 sisters are headed to Arizona Mesa! So it's really awesome that the people we've come so close to are going to the same place. The other 3 sisters are going to Colorado and we're supposed to be keeping in touch! My companion is from Oregon, around Portland I think. I am the only southerner. One elder grew up in Alabama though--which I don't care for. I eww-ed his Bama shirt when he wore it (Don't worry still supporting TN.) The closest person I've found to me was from Atlanta. Our coordinating sisters left for Charlotte on Monday--so that was cool to have someone going to where around we were are from. 

We got to go to the temple today which was really great. I've missed the temple so much. I love it. The Provo Temple isn't pretty at all from the outside, but on the inside it is gorgeous. It is a lot bigger than it looks too. We actually ate there after we did a session. It was a lot better than the MTC food. And free----holla! Thank you Elder Davis. 

I'm sick which sucks. I totally told someone, "I haven't gotten sick in forever!" Two days later gross runny nose, stuffy nose, and cough. I hear everything is funnier in the MTC, but I will tell you some stories. Elder Moffett from my district accidentally bought a mini-Spanish Preach My Gospel. Also, currently one elder is shoving another one around in a laundry basket, if that tells you anything about the elders in my district. They are hilarious.

In gym time, we have been playing knock-out. I am one of the better girls playing. Makes me feel better about myself, I can semi-keep up with the elders. 

Sister Esmond and I had a really wonderful spiritual experience yesterday. We were really struggling with patience. So we were counseled to read patience in PMG and then pray about it. So that's what we did. After we prayed she said that her old stake president told her to pray and then open to a random scripture. We did that and it was exactly what we needed. Mine told me that contention was of the devil--I was super mad and frustrated. And her's said something about being a peacemaker. We are hoping with this we will be able to make better relationships with the sisters in our district. I really feel like I am learning so much here. I learn something new every day! I got my cute little mini scriptures! I love them. They are the best. I got my name engraved on them as well.

Sorry this email is so random. I have no clue what I already told you in letters and I have no clue how long I've been on. I'm going to try to figure out how to put pictures with this. I think I got it.

Love y'all so very much! Thank you so much for being amazing and supportive.

If I forgot something I guess I'll write you a letter.

The pictures include..
My companion and I!
Me sending letters.
Me with my cute scriptures.
My district on Sunday at the temple.
Elder Erickson, Elder Schiess, me, and Sister Esmond in the laundry room.
Trevor and I!--he blinked but that's the only one I have.
Baby D.J. D and I--he's adorable.
The Duludes dropping me off!

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