Wednesday, March 13, 2013

This Sista is headed to Arizona


How is everyone? I hope all is well with y'all in Tennessee! I sure do miss the green. Or any color for that matter. All I do is stay in white rooms all day. It is making some of the members from our district go crazy. I will make sure to keep Papaw in my prayers. Make sure to keep me updated on that. I bought my calling card for the airport a couple days ago! So keep your phones on you. We are leaving here at 5 am so I am guessing we'll get there by 6. So expect a call between 8 and 10 your time? Not 100 % sure so just be ready.

As much as I have been wanting to get out of the MTC, it's a little sad leaving. It's going to be a little sad saying goodbye to everyone. But mostly everyone from my district is making the trip down to AZ with Sister Esmond and I. Today Sister McQuay heard a mad beat boxer in the bathroom. She notified me since I am trying so hard to learn. We went in and talked to them and they are going the Arizona Mesa too! Awesome right?

Anyways. I knew my acting career would take off one of these days. But I had no clue it would be in the MTC. On Friday we had In-Field Orientation and there was a play at the end of the orientation. While we were waiting a lady came out and asked Sister Esmond if she wanted a role. She--loving theater--said yes. Thus accepting for both of us. So there you have it, a star was born. I played a Relief Society President and there were like 300 people. But thankfully they were using multiple stages, so the audience wasn't actually facing our stage. But our district was so kind as to sit right next to ours. I will never live the phrase "Hugs for everyone!" down. But it's okay. Because while I was acting I had to try to hug the elders--one of them was a Romney. Just sayin.

Ma, I feel ya on the time change. I hate it. I was so tired all the next day. It's a good thing I got to do time change for a total of like one day. We switch back and hour when we go to AZ since they don't do time change. So just when I will have adjusted, I'll have to switch again.

I made fun of the Elder on the district who said he was always tired, but still so happy. All along I knew I would be like him. I totally am. I'm so happy because I know I'm preparing to do the Lord's work. I am so exhausted though. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day. I don't think being sick has helped this either. I'm almost over it, or I though. I was fine, but then I played basketball in gym and it made my cough get deeper. Oh well.

I have seen Trevor a lot. Every day but one I think. We're on the schedule so I see him all the days. On Saturday we actually got to play basketball together during gym time. We took another picture together where he isn't blinking. This one at the Provo temple--holla. I saw Johnathon Mowdy his first day and then again yesterday on the temple walk. 

During Music and the Spoken Word yesterday I tried to play "Spot the black man" in the Mormon Tabernacle choir. Apparently not everyone does that since I got a weird look from my companion. There was the most beautiful musical number of "I Stand All Amazed" in Relief Society. I love the cello and piano. It makes me continue to regret not sticking with piano.

Pops, I did get the package you sent me. I'm sorry I forgot to say something last week. There was so much craziness going on around me. Mainly the elders being big goofballs. I accidentally got $5 back in quarters, not really thinking. Not only would that have been too much for the amount of laundry I had, but the machines didn't take quarters.....So I bought my calling card in all quarters. Can't win'em all.

Saturday at dinner we were all goofing off---like usual. We were singing and then I pretended to rap. When I moved my hands like I was DJ-ing I hit my chocolate milk. I saw the milk all over the table and my first thought was "Crap I'm probably covered." I looked down and thought "Whew, only a drop on me." Then I thought to look at the poor, poor, elder who decided to sit next to me. I looked to my left and there he was, covered in chocolate milk. My bad...This other elder told me I had been acting strange the past few days. I told him "Elder Erickson, that's because this is who I really am." He told me he knew. Thanks Elder Erickson for telling me I am strange. So kind.

I'm not sure what I want for my plaque scripture. Helaman 5:12 I guess. Oh I have a really good quote that goes along with that. It goes something along the lines of you have to have your foundation embedded in faith or your power to endure will crumble.---Read "Mountains to Climb" by Henry B. Eyring--so good.

I love you all!

-My district with our Teacher Brother Martin--he's legit. 
Back row-Elder Schiess, Elder Ferreira, Bro. Martin, Elder Erickson, Elder Nunnally, Elder Moffett, and Elder Davis.
Front-Me, Sister McQuay, Sister Rasmussen, Sister Esmond, Sister Toone, and Sister Hansen.
-A better picture of Sister Esmond and I at the temple
-A better picture of Trevor and I

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