Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Rain in Arizona...what the??

Hello there family!

This week has been crazy. We had a zone meeting where we set some pretty high goals for our zone to work hard. At the transfer meeting when I came in President said that we are going to have Above Average April, Miracle May, and Jumbo June. So we are working towards that! We had interviews with President yesterday, which is why my Pday was Tuesday this week. It was really nice because while people were in interviews we had a lesson by Sister Ellsworth and a district meeting. Both of those were really good. And meeting with President was nice as well. Sister Lewis went after me and said that President was impressed with my positive attitude and open mind of thinking--holla! Made me feel super good. Especially because she said he doesn't really give compliments that much. So yesterday was a good day.

It rained here last night. Weird, right? I mean it wasn't like a heavy rain, but it still did. It was super super windy, so I can see why habobs(Doubtful I spelt that right. It's a sandstorm) are crazy. I was glad we got rides everywhere yesterday otherwise I would've been blown away on my bike! Which, by the way, I rock at. I think I missed my calling as a cyclist. Watch out Lance Armstrong, I'm comin for you! Obviously, I am still working on humility--it's a process. 

Lisa is doing well. She scared us there for a minute, but she is on track to get baptized on April 27th. She texted us and dropped us last night. But then this morning she texted us and said she just wanted to get baptized on the 27th rather than the 20th. We can't wait for her to get baptized. It's a slight bummer because it's the Saturday after transfers. So if one of us gets transferred we'll have to get an investigator to go so that we can go to her baptism. But anyways. She is so great and when know she is going to do great things. We are meeting with a couple to help them get active again. I am really excited for them because they are getting sealed in August and then their baby is due in September!

We've been exercising with our Bishop from one of our wards. SO painful. Seriously. He does crossfit, so that's what we have been doing. It's kind of fun because all 4 of us go 2 times a week. But my legs kill me when I start to bike. I guess it's worth it if I can still fit into all of my clothes. Sister Homer and I gave up chocolate until we have a baptism. So maybe that will help us both out. There are circumstances that we are allowed to eat it, but I always forget. Well not always. But it's been like twice.

I have like 4 short sleeve shirts that I don't burn alive in, so we are going thrift store shopping today so that I can get some new shirts--hopefully. I already have a shoe tan and the watch tan is coming. I am pretty sure I am going to get a hilarious helmet tan.

Remember that weird thing that my eyes did when I first went the Idaho? Whenever I wore contacts, my eyes would get all red and I didn't know it. It's happening here too. I think it may be a climate change thing. I want to be able to wear my contacts so that I will be able to get rid of this glasses tan I am starting to get.

I love you all so very much!
Sista Hubmann

-My desk on Pday when I was trying to write all of my letters before pday was over.
-Sis. Lewis gave me confetti eggs. I found one the other day, and I thought I had used them all. Buuut. Lucky me I found one and I cracked it on Sister Sanchez's head. SO FUNNY.

-Fun Dip party

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