Monday, April 22, 2013


Kels wanted me to let those of you who wrote her this week she didn't have time to write everyone since she is getting transfered.  She said that she would write all of you next week.  She had to pack and all that good stuff.

Why hello there my dear family!
This week brought transfer news. Ready to hear what's happening? I am getting transfered! I am leaving this Wednesday to head to the Reservation! My new companion is Sister Soifua. She's from American Samoa. I will be in a car, so that will make you happy. I actually will be driving. And it's a truck. If I stay there next transfer, I will be in the Scottsdale mission! Thank goodness I am NOT training this transfer. There is a 12 week training program that you are supposed to be able to train after it. But 2 Sisters that came out with me are training this transfer. So. Crazy.

LISA GOT BAPTIZED!!! YAYYYYY!! It was such a great service. I am so happy she did it. It is really going to bless her life so much. It was really funny though because the man that baptized her pulled her up so quickly water shot straight up her nose--so funny. She tried not to cough in front of everyone. She got the Gift of the Holy Ghost yesterday! Ahhhhh! I am so proud of her. I told her I was going to send pictures of her to y'all and she was like "Guys, I got another one!" And I was like "No, Lisa! You're my first convert!" It made her feel special--yay. Her boss bought her some scriptures, so we made her a case for them. She still hasn't told anyone in her family that she got baptized. But we're-- or Sister Lewis and her companion--are going to start stopping by so they'll find out. She just actually moved into the area, so we can do that now. Yay!
We had dropped this older lady from Louisiana a couple weeks ago, but we just felt we should stop by. We kept thinking we should stop by and see her, but we never had the time. So we did the other night and her daughter talked about the section in Doctrine and Covenants that talks about the Civil War. Being from the South--she had to know more. She said if we taught her about that and she felt that was true then she would GET BAPTIZED. So we went and taught her the next night. We taught her about that, the Word of Wisdom, and tithing. And guess what----SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SATURDAYYYYYY!!!!! So I have to find an investigator to bring to the baptism on Saturday so that I can be there. We are so excited. She wouldn't commit to a date with us, so we had our Mission President suggest as soon as possible. So she is getting baptized then--holla!
We also have another baptism Saturday. Originally her mom and brother were also going to get baptized that day. But her mom didn't come to church and apparently now isn't okay with them getting baptized. We think it has to do with her sister. But we're not sure. We're hoping that they will get baptized soon though. I will have to have Sister Lewis keep me updated on that one.
I did get my Camelbak--thank you parents. But here's the thing. Now I'm in a car. So I'm not really going to get to use it that much. I will use it, but not as much as I would have, had I not been in a car. It's okay though. I will be on a bike again later I'm sure.
Much love,
Sista Hubmann
1) Lisa before her baptism. That is her boss, her, me, and Sister Lewis.
2) It was our Ward Mission Leader, Brother Peterson's birthday. They made us part of their family. It was great.
3) My first piece of chocolate I could have since we had a baptism!

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