Friday, February 15, 2013

The Trials of a Sister

Most of the girls about to serve missions that I have talked to or met are super excited for the chance to revamp their whole wardrobe for their mission. I am here to say that not everyone feels that way---at all. I hate shopping in the first place. But finding skirts and shirts to make several outfits with, yet still look professional, I'm going to be honest here, is a pain in my butt.

I think that most sisters are going in with the thought to always look cute, which don't get me wrong is totally important. I mean if some girl came up to me looking like she just came off the street, I probably wouldn't want to hear any message she was sharing that day. But I loathe the thought of creating new outfits.

I guess this is just one of these times that I wish I had a personal shopper. Or that everything that is my size always fit and looked great. I sometimes wish I was an elder because I know how much easier their shopping is than mine. I mean picking out ties cannot be this difficult.

On a happier note, with every outfit I try on I also put my brother's old name tag on with it. It makes it more real---and I like it.

T-minus 9 days until I step on that plane.

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